Trecking in Patagonia


45-minute walk, with guide. At aerobic pace, to start the day full of energy.


One and a half hour walk, approximately, to give our guest the opportunity of a short, lovely walk either in the morning or afternoon. These are simple treks, which last between 2 and 3 hours. Destinations vary according to the group. The guides will try to suggest a different destination each day so that guests have the opportunity to visit the many beautiful natural places in the area.


Walks at an aerobic rhythm visiting nearby circuits with telescopic poles that help to train the upper part of the body reducing the impact on the lower limb joints. Duration: 45 minutes.


Low complexity walk. Getting outside and experiencing Nature in itself is a wonderful activity and we want you to take this to the next level by turning it into an active experience. It just requires curiosity and an eagerness to capture sights, sounds, and beauty. A naturalistic guide turns these nature walks into a learning experience. Learn about textures, colours, sounds. A moment to cherish forever. Duration: 2 hours.