Spa Facial treatments

facial hydration

Exclusive hydration facial treatment in which different products and masks are applied according to the type of skin.

teens facial treatment

Teens’ delicate skin needs special care. This treatment is designed to provide skin cleansing, hydration and nourishing using natural agents tailor-made to the different skin types.

facial regeneration & hydration

Facial cleansing and preparation treatment. Gommage is used in the exfoliation. Cell oxiyenation is done with herb cream and followed by a toning. A mask is applied selecting the appropriate product for each skin type.

facial excellence

for exfoliation following a facial steam treatment. Skin is tonified and hydrated with marine serum, oxygenated with herb creams and moisturized with several masks and products appropriate for each skin type. The final step is nutrition, applying thermoforesis. This treatment gives skin a more vital and rejuvenated look.

thermal shock

This program aims at facial revitalization. Our skin selectively absorbs the minerals and oligoelements that it has lost, rapidly recovering firmness and muscle tone, blocking the aging process and strengthening skin tone.


Ideal to detoxify facial skin and relieve edema. This program is completed with products suitable for your skin biotype.

facial reaffirming treatment

Antiage moisturising treatment using vegetal extracts and activating facial massage.

Llao Llao miototherapy

Exclusive facial treatment in which massage and the active agents of Rose Hip oil work together to reestablish skin balance and muscle tone.

Facial for men

A sophisticated combination of 5 essential oils: Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary, Thyme and Cypress, provide freshness, smoothness and a rejuvenating effect on men's skin.