Weather in Patagonia
68°F 40°F

Approximate temperature
Average Temperature Min Max
January 44.8 °F 70.9 °F
Febraury 43.5 °F 71.4 °F
March 40.6 °F 66.0 °F
April 35.4 °F 58.6 °F
May 34.0 °F 50.5 °F
June 30.9 °F 44.8 °F
July 30.4 °F 42.8 °F
August 29.5 °F 45.9 °F
September 31.5 °F 50.2 °F
October 35.2 °F 56.7 °F
November 39.4 °F 63.5 °F
December 43.0 °F 69.3 °F
Patagonia Hotel distances
The Llao Llao Hotel & Resort, Golf-Spa is:
  • 1600 Km from the City of Buenos Aires.
  • 3350 Km From the City of Sao Paulo.
  • 35 Km from San Carlos de Bariloche airport.
  • 25 Km from downtown Bariloche.
  • 20 km from Mt. Catedral
  • 500 Mts. from Puerto Pañuelo and Lake Crossing arrival.
Seasons in Patagonia

Summer: From December 21st to March 20th
Fall: From March 21st to June 20th
Winter: From June 21st to September 20th
Spring: From September 21st to December 20th

Every season is unique at the hotel, with its special sports and leisure activities. That’s why we invite you to stay at Llao Llao during all the four seasons. Winter offers skiing opportunities, to reward yourself with a nice cup of tea accompanied by our delicious homemade cakes and pastries. During Fall and Spring, our recreation staff will guide you on unique treks through the woods, enjoying the burst of fabulous colors. In Summer, the Hotel marina provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the lakes; fishing enthusiasts will find this season paradisiacal.

Hotel Dress Code
Dress code

If you are planning to come to Los Césares Restaurant, we kindly request casual elegance. We suggest slacks and shirt for men and slacks or skirt and blouse for women. Shorts or sleeveless t-shirts are not allowed. Lobby Bar, Patagonia Coffee- shop and Restaurant and Business Center at our Hotel: Guests are kindly requested to follow the casual dress code.
Sports wear, t-shirt and sports shoes are allowed. Swimsuits and robes are not allowed. If you are jogging or practicing any other sport, you are welcome to come in and out of the hotel in sports wear. Whatever the season, we strongly suggest bringing a warm jacket and rain coat, since changes in temperature are frequent in the area.

Bariloche Airport

From Buenos Aires: Aerolíneas Argentinas and LAN Argentina.


Tips are not included in the Hotel

Hotel Languages

English and Spanish are the most
frequently used in the Hotel.

Medical assistance in the hotel
Medical Assistance

In-house doctors available, check the schedule with the concierge.

Currency in Patagonia

Argentine Pesos, Euros, Dollars, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Diners cards are welcome as well as Traveller’s Checks.
For the convenience of our guests, there is an ATM in the main corridor of our Hotel.

Pets not allowed

Pets are not allowed in the Hotel.